Partial Views and what happens when we forget to write Layout = null?

First you can read an article about Partial views: URL

They allow you to move out the repeating content in your website like footer and header in a separate place. That place is the Action method of the Controller.
Except that you can send data in form of a model to the partial view, so you don’t have to repeat yourself in every controller.
So using that case I have a Common controller with methdod NavBar and in this method I’m returning as a result view, which represents the navigation bar at the header, which is always shown in the website.
Here is the method:

public ActionResult NavBar()
var currentUser = accountService.CurrentUser;
var model = new NavBarViewModel
Email = currentUser.Email,
FirstName = currentUser.FirstName,
LastName = currentUser.LastName

return View(model);

So I am taking the currently logged in user name and displaying it in the navigation bar. I’m using the ChildActionOnly attribute which does not allow a method to be called in example as in a GET query.
Here is the code for the View

@model Web.Models.Common.NavBarViewModel
Layout = null;
ViewBag.Title = "NavBar";


And this is how it is used:

@Html.Action("NavBar", "Common")

This Partial View can be placed wherever you want in your HTML code so you don’t have to repeat yourself at many places. And the problem I faced was that I forgot to write that the Layout = null for the partial view. So after that one messy execution of the javascript began due to the not proper rendering of the navigation bar. Please keep that in mind!

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