Dalvik 65536 methods limitation and Facebook workaround

May be you know or may be you don’t know but Dalvik has some limitations – like the 65 536 methods per android project (Strange, huh). I faced that issue 2 weeks ago and I am still facing it.

I was using a third party SDK which was and is huge and that SDK broke my whole project. They were including the zxing source library which is also huge.

To fix that problem I started searching for minified versions of all libraries that SDK was using. I replaced the zxing with a minified jar and I managed to fight that issue. But still on 2.3 devices because my project is so huge with that damn SDK I still do not know what to do.

There I get a LinearAlloc exceeded capacity exception, which cannot be fixed so easily (That is because my project is so huge…)

Here are some interesting articles about it:


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