How to NOT run Genymotion as sudo in Ubuntu

  1.  Delete your previous installation of Genymotion
  2.  Delete ~/.Genymobile folder
  3. Download new Genymotion installation
  4. Move it to ~/.genymotion folder.
  5. chmod +x genymotion_<version>
  6. ./genymotion -> Are you sure you want to install? y
  7. (Additional to create shrotcut) Open sudo gedit /etc/environment
  8. (Additional to create shrotcut) Add to the end of the variable :~/.genymotion
  9. (Additional to create shortcut) Now restart and you can type genymotion in the terminal and everything will work
  10. You can now run genymotion without the sudo privilleges

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  • nicolas bossard

    Tried it like you explained, but seems that genymotion installer really wants to install it to folder :
    updated path in environment consequently, but still does not start without sudo (core dumped)

    • n0m0r3pa1n

      If you let it to install in ~/.genymotion folder everything should be OK? I mean that it shouldn’t ask you for sudo?