Project Updates: My Daily Lucky

Edit (21.06.2016): This app is now offline

I am currently working on the “My Daily Lucky” app. You can find it on Google Play. This is a simple app with which you can draw lucky charms whenever you want.

The app has 2 layouts: One for day and one for night. It has also nice animations when displaying charms and you can setup the daily time when the lucky charm will be drawn and displayed to you in the notifications section.

I managed to update the Preference screen to include the new Material design and  I did some updates for the initial screen. It has some nice server logic too so the luckies are better if you have entered your birth date. I will share it with you in one next post.

Currently the app is doing fine and is very very slowly growing but I hope that people will like the idea and start downloading it.

Future planned updates are:

  • Description and title translations
  • Graphics updates – icon, screenshots
  • Tablet support
  • Wearable app
  • Lucky charms translation – based on your phone language you will receive the charms in the same language
  • More charms

I hope that it will gain some more traffic so I can update it even more by using some help. 🙂

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