Lets talk about mobile ad networks – 2015

Integrating ad networks in your android app sometimes feels like hell. So this hell was the necessary pain that we had to do.

Let’s talk about AppNext. Our old ad provider. They ran out of money and started playing b**** tricks on us. Like: “We will give you this eCPM for these 2 months, you will not be able to see it in the dashboard, but we will send you statistics” and after these 2 months “Go die with 0.30$ eCPM”. I understand them – they want to gain what they have lost during those 2 months. I will skip telling you how many crashes their SDK had. Enough said for them. It was nice to work with you for 2 months during that whole 7-8 months :).

Let’s talk about new ad networks. Let’s talk about AppsFire.  We downloaded the SDK, integrated it and.. crash!? So after some debugging and try-catch-es it started working and.. no ads!? I sent an email immediately to the support and told they make a bunny cry with that SDK. It took them 4 days to answer me. And the answer – try again… After another try nothing showed. I gave up. Bunny cried.

Let’s talk about Appodeal. Big talks in the MakingMoneyWithAndroid forum. Integration – 5 jar files and reaching DEX size limit with just pasting them. HA-HA. Required AdMob account. But they make exceptions if you have a decent traffic. So they made one. Integrated everything (like 15 activity declarations in the AndroidManifest.xml). You call the SDK to show an ad and.. NOTHING. Nothing shows. 3 days talking with support just to start showing ads and nothing is showing. They tried to convince me that I am sending requests from another bundle id, not the one that I have declared (In these situations people just open the Google Play link for the app and the bundle is in the URL…). Next said is: “Ad providers need some time to understand your users and display ads. Use a VPN to simulate you are from US and see ads.” It sounds like: “Restart your PC and internet will come”. I saw ads. Using VPN. And I didn’t see any ads in debug mode. Come on…

Let’s talk about LeadBolt. They don’t display average eCPM. They display Top eCPM. Go calculate it yourself, motherf*****. And you provide information they don’t have and they decide based on that information if they will allow you the Direct Deal option. So make sure you lie, otherwise you won’t make it. Your users must be from the “Tier 1” countries. Wow. Covering bad eCPM with Top eCPM is for stupids, you know. Average eCPM is 10-20 cents above AppNext. And ads are looking like Minecraft graphics. How about NO?

Let’s talk about MobileCore. Nice try. One day 1.6$ eCPM, the other day – 0.20$ eCPM. I loved the animations but I hated the crashes. Enough said.

Let’s NOT talk about AdMob. This is not for talking…

My impression from all of the ad networks written above is that they don’t really value their customers. It’s hard to reach them, hard to talk with them, they don’t give the attention you need, they answer your questions after days, they have very buggy and hard to understand SDKs and almost all of the time they don’t want to give money (Jews, what do you expect FFS…). It’s like you give something and you got nothing and a slap. It’s like you are not a developer, but you are a person selling milk. Get these 0.30$ and leave, b*****d.

What do I expect: Not crashing SDKs, easy to integrate and a person who can answer my questions within few hours. Come on guys, we wrote an SDK working with a server with sockets and ithe server died, but the SDK didn’t make even a single crash. And you will say that I am bragging, nah, when I see crashing SDKs or stupidly done integration I just can’t stand it. Is it very hard to have an init() method and show()?



Don’t make android cry..

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