AppHunt is now open source

The AppHunt project I have been working on with my previous StartUp colleagues is now open source. It can be found in my GitHub profile.

What is the idea?

The idea is that you can share apps to the community and people can vote for them, comment them, favourite or add them to a personal collection which they can make. They can also become top hunter’s which a ranking visible to all users which include the users with the most submitted apps, comments, votes and created collections. People can search for apps, view different categories and do many many other stuff.

Why is it open source?

Since our StartUp split-up I could not continue to handle all of the stuff regarding the spread of the idea, approval of apps and programming at the same time. That is why I decided to make it available for all people who want to develop the idea. I will probably move to another project, for me this project had a great future, made great results and it would become a great thing if our StartUp did not split up, which was inevitable.

Want some more info?

Contact me at: or at my profiles which are at the top left of the blog.

The project structure

The project consists of:

  • NodeJS Server – LINK
  • Android App – LINK
  • ReactJS + Flux Admin Panel – LINK
  • KoaJS Website – LINK

More info can be found in the ReadMe of each project.

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