A word on Javascript charts libraries available on the web

I had to make a project which contained a lot of charts and very different ones. I needed charts like:

  • Pie chart
  • Column chart
  • Multiple column chart with 2 different y axis
  • Column & line chart combined together
  • Column & line chart combined with 2 different y axis

My requirements for these charts were to be mobile friendly and to have the 2 different Y axis option. It is very important.

I tried:

Let’s keep it short. The winner is: HighCharts. It is mobile friendly, it allows options like zoom, removing the visible columns by toggling their label, it scales great, allows export to PDF, PNG etc. and is highly customizable. A GREAT LIBRARY!

Others are either buggy, miss the 2 different y axis option, even google charts have some bugs with their new material charts. Forget about the other two and use HighCharts. What an advertisement I have made, but they really made my day!

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