Let’s learn Redux


If you are like me, you are probably wondering what framework to start using for building a quick and effective website or just to test your idea. Some frameworks I have thought about are:

  • Angular
  • Aurelia
  • React + Redux


Why I chose React + Redux?

  • It is simple and easy to use. It does not have the huge learning curve of Angular and is being developed every day.
  • As you may know I also love the idea of Flux. I used it a lot and I found many frameworks based on Flux. That is how I understood about Redux. And React + Redux = <3.
  • It is constantly under development. Redux is very stable, React is constantly improving.
  • There are many new libraries for Redux. You can check the awesome-redux repo. It is fuckin awesome!
  • It uses the unidirectional data flow idea. This means no MVC spaghetti code and stuff like that. Everything goes in a circle.
  • It has cool features like hot reloading and great tools to debug. It has Redux Dev Tools with which you can debug like magic.
  • It is simple to understand. If you watch the videos below you will see how everything makes sense. Watch the creators video first!


Other factors include things like if the framework is stable (Aurelia is not), what code separation does it provide (like if it has built-in services, controllers etc.), what can it offer you in terms of i18n, route management, authentication etc. I want something that will be easy to use and will have many code examples. Aurelia + Redux was another choice, but since Aurelia is still beta, I prefer to wait!

All you need to do is just say to yourself that this is something new and cool, you really must get your hands on it!

After all programming is all about fun, don’t forget it!


I am not going to teach you any lessons about Redux. I will leave you to watch some videos about it and get a sense of it. I read a lot of materials before using it so here are some which will help you in your development:

A lesson from the Redux creator Dan Abramov:

20 lessons of building Fluxtagram. They are really great!

redux.js.org tutorial

Redux best practices

FAQ – a great place with many answered questions

Do you use Redux and what do you think of it?

I am in an early stage of using it so any experiences with redux are welcome. The idea of this article is to give you a slight direction why to use Redux and what does it look like. Check the videos, they are really informative!


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