MVP – Earliest Testable/Usable/Lovable Product


We all have heard of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and how to build it. But until you start it, you will not face the real challenge of thinking it through.

What is a real MVP?

Recently I found this article:

And it really made sense to me. What it suggests? If your idea is a super modern car with all new features you can think of, where do you start from? Well, instead of offering the users a wheel and then a seat and then a car, offer them a bike, then a motorcycle and then a car. This feels so natural but still so many people confuse it.

TourMeet test case

So I decided to test this idea in TourMeet. Things I have found to be key in the idea:

  • Find meetings around you
  • Talk and meet with other people

Things I have done:

  • Landing page, where you can subscribe for when the product is ready and receive places near you in the meantime.
  • Facebook page where you can comment, see new events and send messages for future meetings

So I have provided the people with really bad ways to stay tuned, but they still have the “bike” option, not just one of the wheels. It is important to sit down and think of your most important functionalities and focus your product around them. No need for useless features.

Continue …

You can continue with the next read: The 7 Day Startup. It is a short book straight to the point – how you can launch in 7 days. It is really subjective but it can help you stay focused on your idea. Not all ideas can launch in 7 days, but at least you can try. TourMeet required 3-4 days development of the website, internationalization etc. and 1 day configuring ads, facebook page etc. If I can do it, you can do it too! 🙂


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