Pitfalls of Facebook ads

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Validation with Facebook ads

I am validating a new idea called TourMeet. I have made a landing page and I am trying to drive traffic to it. So I am using Facebook ads.

Positive sides

  1. Target people by interests. For TourMeet it is people who like categories like Travel, Hiking etc.
  2. Limit your campaign budget by days
  3. Filter people by countries, gender, language and be very specific. It really helps me follow my user persona and test it.
  4. Make several similar ads so users can get a better idea of what you are doing.
  5. Target for Conversions or Reach.

Negative sides

  1. For me reaching for more customers does not work as good as making conversions. The Reach option also works well for particular countries. For example I wanted to reach more customers worldwide, but it reached more in my home country, because impressions are cheaper.
  2. You have to have a Facebook page. Otherwise, your ad will only display in the right column, as I understood from here.
    1. Having a Facebook page makes people contact you more. Most of the people don’t even open the website. They open the page, view the About section and send you an email. It is really strange.
    2. You have to have an activity going in the page. You cannot leave users to see an empty page. And then comes supporting…
    3. No one sends you messages on the page. People prefer email. Still wondering why…
  3. You have to use the Insights of your page to see some good analytics. It is strange that they don’t have some suggestions how to improve your ad.
  4. When you edit an existing ad the previous likes, shares and comments are lost.

What works

Sharing is what works. People do share and like your page. And other people see that and they begin to share and like. I love how this circle works. Like -> Share -> Like -> Share. That is why I prefer using Facebook over Google ads. People can take actions on your ad. They can comment, like or share. And that is what makes you idea go viral.


Work whatever fits best your needs. Your results will not probably be like mine. Why I chose Facebook? Well, I am building a social product. A product for the people. That is why I am using a social network. If you are building a business to business tool, LinkedIn would be a better choice.


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