Essential Scrum – Managers (7)


Why people are afraid to implement Scrum?

Manager responsibilities

Fashioning teams

Define boundaries

Provide clear elevating goal

Managers also provide a clear elevating goal to each team. This goal gives purpose and direction to the team. Following the sandbox analogy, managers can decide that they want a sand castle that will win best of show at this weekend’s sand castle competition, and the product owner working on the Scrum team might then further define the goal to be “Create a medieval castle, complete with turrets and a surrounding moat.”

Form Teams

Change team composition

Let’s say, for instance, that Fred is a low-performing person on the development team. Fred also has a bad attitude and is negatively affecting the team’s ability to per- form. How should Fred’s situation be handled?
First, I would expect Fred’s teammates to discuss the situation with him with the goal of trying to help him and the team. If they are unsuccessful, the ScrumMaster, as Scrum team coach, would work with Fred to help him be a more effective team member. If coaching doesn’t work, Fred’s situation would most likely escalate out of the Scrum team to his resource manager (the person to whom Fred reports within the organization), because the ScrumMaster does not have hiring and firing authority.
At this point Fred’s resource manager (perhaps in conjunction with someone from human resources) would handle his performance issues in a humane and appropriate manner. The resource manager would certainly want to consult the ScrumMaster and development team members to deepen his understanding of the situation. At that point the resource manager might decide to immediately remove Fred from the Scrum team and assign him to another team where he might be a better fit. Alternatively, he could put Fred on a performance improvement plan (either on his current team or on a new team), and if Fred doesn’t improve per the plan, he might be let go.

Empowering teams

Project Managers


Team clusters

Project Manager position



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