/dev/kvm permission denied on Ubuntu 18.04

Edit (06.06.2018):
You can follow the simple tutorial here to install KVM. Thanks to azbest!

I got this error when I was trying to create an emulator:

/dev/kvm permission denied

I did several things to fix it.

  1. sudo apt install qemu-kvm
  2. sudo chown <your_username> /dev/kvm
  3. Logout and Login again

The error should not be there. You could also create a permissions group and associate it with the file and add your current user to that group like:

  1. sudo groupadd -g 123456 kvm
  2. sudo chgrp -R kvm /dev/kvm
  3. sudo adduser <your_username> kvm

You can try this approach too.

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