About me


My name is Georgi Mirchev, 25 years old currently(23.06.2016) and I am living in a small country called Bulgaria which can be found in the south-eastern part of Europe and I am a software developer with a StartUp culture. 

I love writing Javascript and Android apps. And no, I use native Android, not Javascript. I have a lot of experience with Android apps – I have been programming for Android since version 2.2 was released. I really enjoy writing smart and useful apps. This includes the apps in my Google Play profile and in GitHub. I have worked on many projects for different companies. I have .NET experience more than 2 years and a half, some basic Python experience with Django and Flask, Javascript experience for more than 2 years and from 1 year and a half I really enjoy using NodeJS. <3

I had a StartUp with my university colleagues where we made apps like RetroSelfie and AppHunt. Currently I am working for a company in our capital Sofia. Our StartUp failed but I am so seriously involved that I cannot stop reading stuff about how to make successful teams and ideas. I have been researching how to build contagious ideas for around 8 months now and I am all about it. You can check my Goodreads account if you want to get a sense.

I am mainly focused on three things:
* StartUp environment
* Javascript
* Android

So stuff like Babel for ES6, HapiJS, React, Flux, Redux, Generators with Co and others are not unknown to me. I have used AngularJS and KnockoutJS for some small personal projects, but I really prefer the React side of the things.

So that is mainly from me. If you want to reach me you can find me on Skype: georgi.mirchev90, Gmail: gmirchev90@gmail.com or Facebook.