About me

This is the fifth time I edit this page and it is always hard to write it in such way it would not require editing for long period of time because things change so fast.

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My name is Georgi Mirchev, born on 09 November 1990 (you can calculate how old I am). I live in a country called Bulgaria and which I love a lot. You can find it in the south-eastern part of Europe and we are also part of the European Union. Currently, I work in our capital called Sofia, but I go to my home city very often to walk my two beagles.

I love programming and I am especially interested in code architecture and design patterns. Most of the time I write native Android code (Java, learning Kotlin) but I also use Javascript a lot. I have a lot of experience with Android apps – I have been programming for Android since version 2.2 was released. I really enjoy writing smart and useful apps. This includes the apps in my Google Play profile and in GitHub. I have worked on many projects for different companies (a link to my LinkedIn profile). I have .NET experience more than 2 years and a half, some basic Python experience with Django and Flask, Javascript experience for more than 2 years with the rise of NodeJS. <3

I had a StartUp with my university colleagues where we made apps like RetroSelfie and AppHunt which are a real example how building apps for Android can let you support yourself without having to work for anyone. I read/listen to books a lot and mostly on topics like “clean code” or “personal improvement”, you can check my Goodreads account if you want to have a chat about books. 🙂

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This blog was started with the purpose of sharing knowledge. I started it back in 2012 when I was getting involved in programming and I thought that I should share the problems I meet and how I solve them with the world around me. I love sharing knowledge, you can see in LinkedIn that a spent some time being a lecturer either at one of my companies or at a free course on Android development. So if you share this passion, let’s have a chat about it!

At the moment there is a lot of stuff that I do. I do programming for fun & for a living. I spend my time working for different companies and I try to achieve my ideas in the meantime. As each programmer knows, there is not enough time for everything so I still try to work both on my personal ideas and for other companies. Mixing stuff is hard, but there are no easy things in life. If you want to have a chat with me, please visit the Let’s talk page where you can find my social profiles.

I also have another blog where I share my thoughts & trips, but this is a whole other topic. I hope you will enjoy what you find in this blog and it will inspire you to do more interesting things!