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Handling Android crashes

Video This lecture explains the basic concepts behind Android crash handling and different approaches to it. I decided to make a simple list of notes so every person can use this list whenever he...


RxJava toList – completes only after onComplete is called

  mGetActiveHubUpdatesInteractor.getActiveHubUpdates() .filter(Optional::isPresent) .firstOrError() .map(Optional::get) .flatMap(activeHub -> mGetActiveHubEventsInteractor.getActiveHubEvents(activeHub, startTime, endTime)) .flattenAsObservable(list -> list) .map(mActiveHubEventUiMapper::toUiActiveHubEvent) .toList() .subscribe(this::populateEvents, this::handleError); This is a quick reminder for those of you who use RxJava and the toList() operator.  toList()...


Essential Scrum – Managers (7)

Overview Why people are afraid to implement Scrum? Manager responsibilities Fashioning teams Define boundaries Provide clear elevating goal Managers also provide a clear elevating goal to each team. This goal gives purpose and direction...